Commonly Asked Questions

Have some questions about what to expect when booking our beauty services? 

Below are a few topics that we often get questions about.

Lemon Twist Images | Alyssa 9.12.2016

Lemon Twist Images | Alyssa 9.12.2016


Please be conservative in the number of services you list on your contract. If you are unsure at the time you complete your contract, please list only the minimum required and add services as your wedding date approaches. This will prevent you from potentially paying for more services than you actually need if you over commit early on and do not notify us of drop off services before your invoice is sent out.

Please note that your retainer payment is due with your signed contract, and the remaining balance of your services is due at the time of your preview appointment.  

Preview Appointment 

Do I Need a preview Appointment?

Preview appointments are mandatory with our team. It is the time where we get to know you, you get to know your team member(s), and your beauty expectations are discussed. All very important things ;) It is essential for us to get to know your personal style and beauty preferences.

During this appointment we work to develop a relationship where everyone, especially you, can be honest. This enables us to do our best to help you to achieve your ideal look within realisitic expectations of your hair type/skin type, but also a look that you love.

You can read more about why we feel preview appointments are so important here.

Try it Before you Buy it

If you want to try it before you buy it, we do offer preview appointments for brides that are not yet under contract. We cannot; however, hold your wedding date and/or specific team members without the contract and retainer on file. This means the sooner you book your preview appointment, the better! 

Preview appointment, per service cost, is $150 outside of contract. If you choose to book, this is deducted from your total owed. 

At the time you submit your contract, the remaining balance is due as your non-refundable retainer payment.

Please note that we only will hold a wedding appointment date for the 24 hours following your preview appointment.


When can I schedule My preview appointment?

We generally schedule preview appointments during the week. Weekend availability is limited to team member discretion and schedule; Sunday previews are not available. We always recommend allotting a minimum of 90 minutes per service for your preview appointment, this way we can ensure the end look is perfected and questions and/or concerns can be addressed.

M.Fatlan Photography | Kate 9.17.2016

M.Fatlan Photography | Kate 9.17.2016

destination weddings

We love servicing destination weddings and often have the opportunity to do them. :) 

We have been flown to Mexico, Florida, Colorado and all over the lovely Midwest!

One thing to consider; the logistics for these events can be more complex. That being said, we do ask that you email us with as much information and details regarding your destination wedding as you currently have, and we will work together to make a plan! In addition to destination service minimum/rate equivalent, we do require travel/airfare and accommodations to be provided by the bride.  

Booking Details

Minimum Number of Services/Rate Equivalent

Depending on the time of the year we do require a service minimum/rate equivalent to book our services.  During our busiest season, April through November, we require a $450 rate equivalent for weekend weddings.

During our busy season we offer Bride Only hair & makeup package at a rate of $350 day of services + $200 preview. With this option, select time slots are available to accommodate other brides after your appointment. Please inquire for additional details.

For the rest of the year, December through March, we do offer a reduced booking minimum of $400 rate equivalent as well as our Bride Only hair & makeup package at a rate of $250 day of services + $200 preview appointment.

In the event that there are more than 8 ladies for hair or makeup we recommend having an additional team member come along to speed up the getting ready process. We send a complimentary additional team member when you have 12 or more per service. Adding a team member is a flat $150 fee, plus travel & parking, if applicable.

Additional time or team members can be scheduled to accommodate larger parties. 

Fun fact: The largest bridal party we have ever beautified was 27 lovely ladies! 

Additional fees such as your retainer, travel fees, additional team member, etc are not applied towards the service minimum/rate equivalent. Retainer of $200 is due at the time of contract submission.


The invoice for the payment for all services to be rendered is due 30 days prior to your wedding date. If your bridal party members are paying for their own services, we recommend you make arrangements in advance to have them reimburse you prior to this date. 

How long will the services take the morning of my wedding?

You can expect makeup and hair services to take approximately 30-40 minutes per person. This time frame depends on complexity of the end look desired. We always prefer to have at least 45 minutes per service for our brides.

We require a minimum of 4 hours, to perform our beauty services, unless otherwise agreed upon. This time frame allows us to easily accommodate 7 - 8 services with one artist or stylist.

Greyes Photography | Heather 2.13.2016

Greyes Photography | Heather 2.13.2016

How far in advance should I schedule my preview appointment?

Some brides prefer to do their preview appointment as soon as possible so they can get started on their wedding to do list :) Our general recommendation is no less than 6 weeks prior to your wedding date as the weeks leading up to your wedding can be jam packed with other meetings and important commitments. 

Travel Fees

We have a rather far reaching team so we can accommodate weddings happening just about anywhere 

Just let us know where we are needed and we will gladly travel to you!

All parking, transportation fees or other applicable travel arrangements are the responsibility of the bride. It is important that we know the location of where our services are to be performed not only for your wedding day, but preview appointment as well. The first 25 miles are complimentary.

travel fees

Our travel fees start at $25 for appointments further than 25 miles or more from the residence of your team member.

Note: we always try to send the closest available artists to service you and your bridal party on your wedding day.


The client is responsible for all parking as well as taxi/Uber/Lyft fees for the event, including preview appointments, if applicable.  You can let us know of any special arrangements you have made, otherwise all parking and taxi costs are to be paid at or prior to the time of service or charged to your credit card that we have on file immediatley after services are rendered.